The applicant shall provide an ID photo taken in the last two days. The photo needs to be clear and uncovered, and photoshop is not allowed.

  1. Only age of 20 and under 70 years old are allowed to register.
  2. The photo needs to be clear and distinct, high quality, no ink or creases.
  3. Eyes need to be visible and focused on the camera. Lightings need to be uninformed and natural, reflection and red eye are not acceptable.
  4. Picture posture should not be sideways like a portrait or tilted, and all facial features should be clear, like the contours of the ears and the special moles, birthmarks and scars. Patients with small ear disease can have their hair cover the outline of the ear, but the sides of the face must be visible.
  5. Documents need to be provided by the applicant themselves. If there is any forgery, alteration, misrepresentation or any dispute, the applicant shall bear legal responsibility.